How Long on Exercise Bike to Lose Weight Exactly?

When you are trying to find out how long you should exercise on an exercise bike to lose weight perfectly, we assume that you are almost going to start using an exercise bike. If we are right, whether you are just going to start or perform workouts on a regular basis, you might need a fix exercise program techniques and ideas to boost your weight loss program. So, how long on an exercise bike to lose weight?

Even though it depends completely on a person to person we would suggest a 30 minute on an exercise bike every day to lose weight exactly. Here, we have designed a 30-minute exercise bike program for you.

How Long on Exercise Bike to Lose Weight?

In fact, how long you should exercise on an exercise bike to lose weight depends on some key factors. For instance, how hard you ride, how much calories you would like to burn, how fast you want to lose weight etc. As your purpose is to lose weight, the most important thing here is your present weight. The other crucial fact is that how much calories you intake per day right now. Since you are going to lose weight, you should burn more calories than what you intake of course. This means if you are intake 2500 calories every day, you should burn more than 2500 calories each day. Then you will lose weight eventually. Here, you also need to look carefully at how your body gets used to wit the exercise bike.

The effective way to lose weight and keep the body fit, you should intake the recommended amount of calories, 2500 calories per day for an adult man, and 2000 calories for an adult woman as well as drinking enough water.

How Many Calories You Can Burn on an Exercise Bike? 

Harvard Health Publishing published a chart in this fact. A 155-pound person cycling at a moderate speed can burn about 260 calories in 30 minutes, and a 125-pound person can burn less about 210 calories. Similarly, a 155-pound person cycling at an intense pace can burn about 391 calories in 30 minutes, while a 125-pound person can burn about 315 calories. So, how long on exercise bike to lose weight for you it depends on your weight and pace. 

In the case of burning calories to lose weight, an exercise bike can help you the most. When you do paddle on a stationary bike, your body needs energy. If you burn more calories than you intake, you will be able to lose weight through a combination of exercise and dietary routine.

30 Minutes on an Exercise Bike a Day to Lose Weight

First of all, make sure that you are quite healthy for exercising on an exercise bike prior to start with and always go with shorter and easier exercises if you are a beginner. In the case, you don’t have a fixed exercise schedule, some things you need to follow seriously.

Start with a steady warm-up session. Then gradually increase your intensity level in 3-5 minute increments. You’ll feel like you are climbing a hill on your bike.

Increase your pace at 3-5 minute intervals. Pedal faster for three minutes then returns to your regular pace for 3-5 minutes. Repeat the intervals for 20-30 minutes, then finish your workout with a 4-5 minute cooldown exercise.

Time Intensity RPE
0-5 Minute 5 minutes warm-up session at a comfortable pace and low resistance level. 4
6-8 Minute Exercise harder than the warm-up stage and increase the resistance 1 to 4 increments. It’s your baseline speed. 5
9-12 Minute Slightly increase your resistance and pace. 5-6
13-16 Minute Lessen the resistance and pace back to your baseline level. 5
17-22 Minute Slightly increase your resistance and pace once again until you’re working slightly harder than the baseline level. 5-6
23-26 Minute Exercise harder than the warm-up stage and increase the resistance 1 to 5 increments. 5
27-30 Minute Cool down. lessen the resistance and pace to be normal.

You should adjust the pace, resistance, and time as per your level.

The exercise program to burn calories on a stationary bike will be different for everyone. Actually, it is fixed for anyone, and, therefore, how long on an exercise bike to lose weight differ. The more you weigh and the more intense you perform cycling, the more calories you will be able to burn and lose weight at your expected level in fact.

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