November 25, 2020

What is a Good Speed on a Stationary Bike?

What is a Good Speed on a Stationary Bike

You should know exactly what is a good speed on a Stationary Bike during the workout session. Because of your fitness target widely depends on speed and resistance level. However, there is hardly any satisfactory answer to this question. It is quite personal that your physical abilities and fitness level basically determine your speed on a stationary bike. In fact, good speed on a stationary bike means as fast as you want to go. Reaching a good speed on a bike relies on some key factors. So, how do you find the perfect speed for you? Let’s get started.

What is a Good Speed on a Stationary Bike?

You might know that stationary bike pedaling speed is called Cadence. A good Cadence on a bike would range from 50 to 100 rounds per minute (RPM) on the basis of rider and resistance level. If you are pedaling in 50 rounds per minute that means your flywheel rotates 50 times in one minute.

Beginners and people who do exercise occasionally move somewhere between 50 and 60 RPM in general. On the other hand, Advanced level fitness exercisers who have heavy flywheels can pedal at speed from 50 to 100 RPM.

As there is no pre-set speed that will work for everyone, you need to find out your own speed ranges. Get on the stationary bikes and workout. Keep records of your speed results. Then, adjust speed on a regular basis once you get used to working on the stationary bike.

Commonly, there are three types of Stationary Bike Speed. For example, Light Speed, Medium Speed, and Fast Speed. Let us know about these to understand what is a good speed on a stationary bike.

Light Speed 

When you are peddling at a speed of 35 to 40 RPM it is called slow speed. For your slow speed on a stationary bike, you would be able to keep workouts for hours.

Then, if your speed is between 45 to 50 RPM also the second-fastest light speed. At this speed, you are slightly moving quicker.

We recommend this Light Speed for beginners who just started to peddling on an exercise bike. Then you can increase and adjust your speed in accordance with resistance. 

Medium Speed

The medium speed is the speed of your recovery between your higher impact speeds. This medium speed ranges from 50 to 60 RPM. It will burn more calories than light speed. When you increase your speed, at the same time you also increase your resistance level that indicates much better workout sessions.

The medium speed is suitable for people who want to burn calories to lose weight with a view to acquiring overall fitness to stay healthy. 

Fast Speed

Finally, Fast Speed is a high-intensity workout range of stationary bike speed for your fitness ability and goal. Speed between 65 to 70 RPM means Fast Speed. In some cases, it would be more than 70 RPM, for example, competitive sprinters, or athletes, and bodybuilders.

In real. your personal fast speed is as fast as you can go that would be up to 100 RPM and it’s so fast that you can’t hold it for more than 30 seconds without getting seriously winded.

Final Words

So, the answer to the question of what is a good speed on a stationary bike is absolutely relative as it differs from individual to individual. We do suggest for beginners to focus on the resistance level in spite of a good speed. You need to learn to pedal properly and ensure you don’t bounce on the saddle while pedaling.

At first, set a low resistance level and gradually increase the level. If the resistance you set causes to press the pedal too hard can adversely affect your muscles group. So be serious. You should take enough time so that your body can adjust to the situation.

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