20 Minute Interval Training on Treadmill for Beginners

Interval Training is so popular nowadays among athletes, sprinters, and fitness hunger. Interval training on a treadmill at higher levels of intensity helps to build endurance within a short span of time that also potentially burn more calories that are great for weight loss.

But, what would be the most effective routine for Interval Training on Treadmill for Beginners? Great! Before digging deeper into interval training on a treadmill for beginners, let us describe in short what is it as well as its potential benefits.

Simply, Interval Training refers to a type of training that involves a series of high-intensity workouts linked to rest or relief periods. High-intensity periods are usually anaerobic exercise, whereas low-intensity exercise is involved during recovery. Changes in intensity of effort result in cardiovascular muscle exercise, provide a cardiovascular workout, improve aerobic capacity, and allow the individual to workouts for longer or more intense levels.

Experts agree that interval training on a treadmill can induce endurance, for example, adaptations, corresponding to increased capacity for the whole body and skeletal muscle lipid oxidation and enhanced peripheral vascular structure as well as function.

Interval Training on Treadmill for Beginners

Several studies confirm that in young and healthy individuals, sprint interval training seems to be as effective as regular training at moderate intensity. Also, there is some evidence that interval training on a treadmill is useful for older people and those with coronary artery disease.

Most significantly, it can enhance the lactate threshold and increase the optimum heart rate. The lactate threshold is a significant factor in determining performance for long-distance running events.

In the case of overweight and fat individuals, high-intensity interval training employing 4 sets of 4-minute intervals is shown to improve heart rate more frequently than isocaloric regular continuous training.

20 Minute Interval Training on Treadmill Program

Interval Workouts Incline
0-5 minute At the very first, take a warm-up session at an easy pace that you are comfortable with. Just start simple here and increase your intensity by going faster than faster slowly. This time will warm your body up and prepare for the next step. 3
6-8 minute Increase your speed from the warm-up startup. Increase your incline by 1% from the warm-up period. Maintain a medium speed. 4-5
9th minute Increase your incline up to 6. Now you would feel a slight change in intensity, breathing a little bit faster and somewhat uncomfortable. 6
10-12 minute Decrease your pace and incline to a lower level to get your heart rate back to comfortable. 5
13th minute Increase your pace up to 6. Increase incline 1-2% to raise the intensity. adjust these settings to workout at the recommended intensity. 6
14-16 minute In this stage, lessen your speed and incline to lower your heart rate back to a comfortable level. 5
17-20 minute Finally, reduce your speed and incline even more at a very comfortable pace for you to cool down. 3-4

You can try out this type of interval training on a treadmill with other workout activities to improve your endurance that will help you to burn more calories. When you get progress in this treadmill training, you can add another workout set. Instead of going at the same pace for a full workout, you can mix things up in order to make workouts fun and enjoyable.

Before starting interval training on the treadmill, it is a good idea for beginners to do regular exercise programs a few times each week so that their body is ready for high-intensity exercise.

Interval training on treadmills for beginners is a particularly effective way to workouts because it keeps the body guessing so that you never get much accustomed to an exercise routine.

[Note: Start Interval Training on a Treadmill at your own decision. You should consult with a physician before starting up any training program.]

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